Labor Day Is Also Geek Equality Day

Geek Equality Day Ad

The Participants:

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“Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away”
– Tara Tiger Brown, Forbes 3/26/2012

“Our club needs no bouncers, all who want in, get in.”
– The Doubleclicks, YouTube 7/21/2013

We Have A Problem, Here.

  • Sick of jerks putting people down simply because they like to cosplay, or because they look good (or strange) in a Princess Leia outfit?
  • Tired of self-proclaimed authorities on geekery arrogantly telling fans who is or isn’t a “real” or “fake” geek.
  • Want to visit a comic shop without having someone questioning your geek credentials, as if there were an international governing authority on the subject fandom and comic trivia?

Comics Offer Solutions!

  1. We mock self-proclaimed authorities on geekery or fandoms.
  2. We expose the concept of  “fake geeks” for the stupidity that it is.
  3. Celebrate the diversity of geekiness, whether it’s people cosplaying, gamers gaming, collectors lavishing over their finds, or any positive depiction of geek cultures.
  4. Our characters do geeky things for your amusement.

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Geek Out!

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